Egypt is a very famous resort these days, its pleasing sea, sun and sand make one enjoy his or her rest by the beach. However, one can name dozens of such paradise places all over the planet. Moreover, some of us don’t consider paradise to be of exact that warm and sunny way. Some people prefer snows and mountains, and these are their true paradise sides. Nonetheless, they themselves like visiting Egypt. Last year my friends and I used online Orbitz Coupons and bought the tickets to Egypt. So what is the true reason why Egypt attracts thousands of tourists all through the year? I guess Pyramids. What is that special about them so that their popularity does not fade with time? They are the World's greatest miracles. The only fact of their existence erected out of stone on the sand and preserving to these days with no significant damages makes society astonished and admired at their irresistible beauty. Some historians believe that those greatest pyramids of Dahschur, Giza, Meidum, Saqqara, Abusir, Abu Rawash, Zawyet el Aryan were erected by the local tribes. According to official theory ancient Egyptians were the first to invent lever to help them in construction. They were clever enough to position those levers accordingly in such a way so that to decrease dramatically human physical efforts. However, there are far more than hundreds of different pyramids spread all over the country. But the exact six always attract attention more often than their neighbors firstly in size and secondly in constitution. Is that really possible that those ancient primitives were able of constructing such huge and magnificent and quite odd edifices? As for small numerous pyramids it is possible for thousands of people together construct something referring to the pyramids out of small and unpolished clay bricks. But as for the great ones – that is hardly possible. While doing research one can find out that the great pyramids – the tallest and biggest in the World – were constructed during the reign of the Fourth Dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs. And literally in a thousand of years during next dynasties it appeared as if those tribes completely lost their miraculous skills and abilities in erecting pyramids, that time they constructed less beautiful and far simpler ones. Isn't it odd for such great civilization?
      On closer investigation it might occur that all we were told before on the World's miracle number one is completely untrue. There are many artifacts which can tell us a little more than official science does, namely in the way the blocks for the great pyramids were sawed out. It is practically and theoretically impossible for the natives to saw and polish the blocks that ideally with the tools they had at hand that moment. One can find out that in local museums the tools for stone refinement were made from copper, tuft and soft stones, and the pyramid blocks were made from far harder refuse stone.