Raveled Miracle

      The Fourth Dynasty is remarkable with their World's Great Pyramids, because only that time - the reign of such great pharaohs as Cheops, Khefren and Mikerin - we can observe magnificent constructions, the ones which still attract thousands of people and admire millions of human minds with their entity. The Great Pyramids are the true miracle of Giza Plateau. In comparison to the others those pyramids have ideal forms and aspect ratios, their edges are directly coordinated in accordance with cardinal directions. All the walls are oriented at 51 degree in Menkuar Pyramid up to 53 degree in Khefren Pyramid.
      The biggest pyramid is the Cheops Pyramid. According to carbon examinations some scientists believe that this pyramid is dated back to the XXVI B.C. The construction took approximately twenty years. The pyramid contains 2,3 million of polished stone blocks which are ideally match with each other with no cement or other adhesives. Every block in average weighs two and a half tonne, however in the royal vault deep inside egyptologists found the marble blocks up to 80 tonnes in weigh! In general that pyramid is monolith with the exception of several vaults and corridors leading to them - the true Egyptian miracle.
      The other Great Pyramids of ideal forms are the Khefren Pyramid and the Mikerin Pyramid - they bear the same methods of construction and dated back to the same XXVI century B.C. All of them are located close to each other - in the Giza Plateua. Some ufologists find explanation to that phenomenon in constellations as if the Great Pyramids of Giza are located the exact same way as the brightest stars do.
      There are too many informal announcements about the way those pyramids were erected, and the idea that local tribes did the entire job secedes. Many believe that there were aliens from Nibiru who actually did the constructions with all sophisticated tools which we can only observe today in almost five thousand years afterwards. Whether we believe it or not we cannot unravel all the mysteries of the pyramids at the moment, and still cannot help but admiring such edifices and by no means recognize them as the World's First Wonder.